The Mysteries of Love

Just finished watching a hongkong drama serial called The Mysteries of Love “談情說案”!
And I must say that this show has been added to one of my favourite hk drama serials of all time!

I’m a huge fan when it comes to HK drama serials… When I watch drama serials, I like to look for actors or actresses  which I recgonises because those people were good in acting!

(Side track abit) Just sharing some of my favourite actors/actresses:

Bobby Au-yeung
I love one of his shows called Witness to a Prosecution 洗冤录! Actual I have a soft spot for crime investigation shows. Teehee. 😛

Jessica Hsuan!
Especially in the series 老婆大人 I  and II!

Charmaine Sheh!
The only earliest show I’ve watched which she acted in was Detective Investigation IV!

Moses Chan

Dicky Cheung
Love his show Duke of Mount Deer 2000!! I’ll never get bored of it!

Bosco Wong

Linda Cheung

Tavia Yeung!
She is my now favourite actress!!!

Anyway… While watching this show, I realised there is this actor in the show called Kenneth Ma (马国明) which I’ve taken notice since when I watched Born Rich last year.

To my surprise, I’ve watch some of his shows before Born Rich, such as 肥田喜事!

I’m going to add him in my list of good tvb actors!



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