Digital Imaging

Was messing around with my classmates photos in school the other day and decided to use some of my photoshop skills on them…

Pictures were done according to what they want.

Effects done: Slimmer face, bigger eyes, smaller & sharper nose, visible brows, makeup (falsies, eyeliner, blusher, lip color)

Effects done: Bigger eyes, smaller and sharper nose, makeup (eyeshadow, falsies, blusher & lip color)

Effects done: Blemishes on cheek removed, slimmer jawline, cheekbone, sharper nose, higher nose bridge, smaller lips, also added stubbles

Just a little note: Digital editing is like putting makeup on ourselves – It is very fun and can be a little addictive sometimes. Usually during editing, we would tend to notice many flaws on our faces. What we do not realise is that, behind all these images we tend to lose our identity and confidence.

Few photos which I edited back in 2007:

I hated my nose back then. I think it was big and fleshy and my face were kind of puffy as well. So I would always like to tighten and my jawline and made my nose as sharp as possible. Until there was one day I sort of had a self realization that there is nothing wrong with my face and shouldn’t continue doing this.

Makeup and digital imaging can only do that much, but learning how to appreciate yourself is always the first step to boost confidence. Love yourself first and others will love you.


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