Hyped Up!

I’m going to Jakarta with Kai and his family this coming Thurs! Yay! I never imagine I’d have the chance to go on a holiday with Kai!!!!!
We would be visiting and staying in Kai’s sister, Cathy’s house.

Therefore… I list out a lot of things which I need them for the trip. Hehehehe.

Things to bring (red = missing items):

1) Cleanser
2) Toner
3) Moisturiser
4) Sunblock for face and body
5) Disposables
6) Toothbrush
7) Hydration mask!
8) Face towel
9) Pantyliners
10) Makeup remover wipes
11) Eyeliner
12) Mascara
13) BB Cream
14) BB Sun Pact
15) Concealor
16) Simple Eyeshadow palette
17) Pore Pack!
18) Contact Lens & Solution
19) Mp3
20) Camera

21) Shaver!!!
22) Eye drops
23) Blemish balm
24) Passport!!!!
P/S: My skin has healed about 70%! Left a little bumps and the peeled skin! Yayyyyyy! 😀


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