Trip to Jakarta Part 1


Prepare napkins because all my posts on Jakarta is mainly on FOOD! YES FOOD!!!
I ate so much everyday I think I’ve grown fatter. AHHHHH~

But first…


I’m staying in Kai’s elder sis’s house… the house is so effing huge! It’s not even comparable to any 3 storey bungalow in Singapore. It’s like a mansion!

The picture above is just a playroom. A PLAYROOM. Oh my god.

Look! It even has a swimming pool!

Unfortunately I did not bring any swimsuit…

More pictures of the pool!

Side entrance to the pool via the garden

Being artistic. LOLOLOLOL

After taking this shot I was thinking that the feature wall looks very heavy on the sides… then I was like explaining to my bf about the bulkiness. LOL. So much for being a Landscape Architecture student.

The indoor garden that looks like a dry garden with the white pebbles and stone benches/sculptures.

Guess where does this door leads to?

A home theatre with wonderful sound systems and seats that is like GV’s gold class seatings! Envy max!

Hahahahahahaha~ Kai acting cute on the stairs.

Second Floor

The living room

Dinning hall

Kai’s mum once said, “椅子重过人”. It’s true! I can’t even lift up a single chair on this table! But they looked like a grand dining table…

Dry kitchen

Wet kitchen

The wet kitchen is where all the food are being prepared..

The outdoor garden

Dinning @ Cosi

Cosi is a restaurant in Jakarta opened by Cathy and her husband. So we went there for our lunch!

Some berry drink from Gelare

Hot cup of Honey Lemon. Very good for the throat!

Tofu on hot plate

Look at the smoke!

Moscow Curry. This is a must try! I like the curry!

The kids loooooove their chicken wings in Cosi. Too bad I didn’t buy the marinated ones home! It’s quite nice!

I ordered their 3 season’s baked rice recommended by Cosi’s staffs. It is a pork chop (surprised?) baked rice with 3 types of sauces on top of it: Tomato, Cheese and Portuguese.

Squid salad that Kai’s aunt ordered

Some other salad which I forgot what is that.

This is a pizza! Haha. When it came everyone was like, “Huh? Pizza?”

But it taste like pizza, with rice at the bottom. Not too bad. Hahah

Some mango drink just like the berry one.

But you know what’s the best part about eating at Cosi?

They have Gelare icecream in their restaurant! So you can enjoy ice cream waffles for desserts at Cosi just right after your lunch!

Cathy and Kai’s Aunt

After lunch, we went to the Central Park Mall to shop for some stuffs…

Went to Carrefour in the mall and bought something home:

HAHAHA YES! 2 boxes of instant mee. One of the boxes is sitting in my kitchen now. 😛

Tried this berry jam filled bread from Breadtalk! Perfect for my breakfast because I don’t like to eat breads without sugar or any jam on it.

Did this too at the Central Park Mall. Now everyone (including the kids) have one each!


Here’s a picture of our tired faces to end this post. 🙂

More updates on the Jakarta trip soon (day 2, 3, 4 and 5)!
Stay tune!


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