Trip to Jakarta Part 2

Day 2! Rise and Shine!

Shortly after our breakfast, we went for our lunch at Marutama Ra-men.

We are millionaires!

There is always a time for camwhoring in the car 😛

Here we are at Marutama Ra-men!

Cathy and her husband bought the franchise of Marutama Ra-men to Indonesia so technically speaking, this restaurant is also theirs!

Inner decor of the room.

I dislike the orange and dim lights. It makes my photos blur.


Chicken meatball with some gravy that tastes so heavenly!

White Radish

Dumplings! I love it because the skin is not too thick and it’s very Q~!

Roast Meat! This is also very nice!

My green tea (:

Kai’s Aunt and his mum

Our food and us!

That’s my Ramen with a duck meat inside. I love the duck meat, it melts in my mouth!

This prawn Ra-men is not released in the menu yet. I get to see this because Cathy’s husband ordered it to try. Hehehehehe~

Shopping at Metro in Plaza Indonesia:


These aren’t the normal ones, but…

Vintage barbie dolls!

I don’t know who would buy them…. Collectors?

We went home after that because it was raining so heavily that the roads are flooded.

That’s all for day 2!


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