Pool & Loads of Shopping

It’s been awhile since I last headed town with my secondary school friends and I must say, I miss hanging out with them!

Since it’s holidays, so we reckon we should meet out and have some fun!

My usual makeup look
(P/S: I didn’t use any concealer today! I’m very surprised at the good results of my eye cream!)

The peeps suggested that we should go play pool. The great thing about playing pool with people that are not very good at it is that you don’t feel embarrassed.

Benjamin the pro 😛

Eating chalk?! Not that hungry are you?

Went to Scape Youth Community Place and came across a flee market which I didn’t take a picture of. Bought a shirt over there for 5 bucks and considering I’m a cheapskate when it comes to clothings… the quality of this shirt for 5 bucks is so totally worth it.

I bought some other things as well and my favourite Loot of the Day is a furry grey scarf which I will post at the end of this entry…

I like Benjamin’s short hair. Looks neat on him!

Meifoong and I! Friends for many years, and more to come!

Loots of the Day:

My camera pouch!

Base Coat and Top Coat from The Face Shop!


A fury grey scarf I bought from a shop in Scape Community Place! You can use it to create many different styles! Super worth it!

Check out this instruction video on how to wear that magic scarf!


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