Trip to Jakarta Part 4

Check out what is Kai’s aunt holding… so much cash!
Anyway, don’t you think Kai’s aunt has very smooth face?
I think I will never be able to guess her age…


There is one part of our body that we always neglect. Nope, not our faces, hair or hands…

But our feet.


Girls likes to wear heels which constantly put our feet on stress… and all the colorful nail polishes we like to apply on our toes are harmful to our toe nails as well

This is why Pedicure is so important – it removes the dead skin cells and nail polishes also look better with nice and clean feet. Plus, it is friggin cheap to pedicure your feet (only 6 bucks without nail art)!

Look at all my dead skin cells!
I really felt that my feet feels very smooth after the pedicure. They are so hardworking at removing our dead skin cells…

Most importantly, you seldom see guys doing such stuffs but in Indonesia, it is so common!

I seriously don’t think guys in Sg would ever learn that.

If you ever go to Indonesia, don’t forget to head to one of the salon to try out their manicures and pedicures. They are awesome because they are cheap and good.


Since today was eat out day, so we were just randomly eating food we like at the mall…

Such as…

When was the last time you actually drank root beer in their fast food restaurant?

Mine was a gazillion number of years! Ever since the one in Ten Mile Junction closed down when I was 6, I practically didn’t get to eat any of those stuffs anymore.

And we also ate some desserts:

Mango Pudding!
It doesn’t taste like those I normally eat.


This is my favorite cold dessert and I have to say, it’s very difficult to taste a good one like this. The mango must be sweet, the pomelo must be sweet too and the mango puree must not be too sweet or bland! And this beats all that I have tasted before because they added IQ balls inside so that there is an extra Q-ness in the dessert.

Major thumbs up!


Anyway, just sharing how my eye makeup looks like on that day:

Love my skin on that day!
My skin is soft and supple because of the sleeping mask I put on the previous night. 😀

Metals galore!
I placed bronze eye shadow on my upper and lower lids and I brushed on some gold eye shadow on the corner of my eyes to brighten them up… lastly I applied silver eyeliner on my lower lashline to make my eyes a little bigger.


That’s about it for my Jakarta trip!
Tata 😀


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