Postcard Crossing

Yesterday I happened to chance upon this site called Postcrossing, a project which was started 5 years ago.
Basically what you do is to send out a postcard to random strangers in the site and then you would get one back!

So I thought it would be quite fun to do that, and this hobby is not very expensive. All you need is a postcard, stamp and an address!

My first postcard is to a lady in Germany.
She collect all sorts of postcards and likes postcards that tells her something. So I thought it would be cool to send her this!

It was a postcard I got from an art exhibition I went to last year. The artist was the one who drew all our Singapore Currency notes!


I hope she enjoys this postcard as much as I do. I was very thrilled when I knew that fact.

This one is to a lady in America.
She likes inspirational postcards so I got her one from Singpost.

On the way to Singpost, I almost got crushed by the metal gate on the parking lot entrance. So lucky!

I feel that it is very important to have a goal to work towards to. Life without any goals in mind are unfruitful and pointless. Even when you fail, you know at least you tried. 🙂


I hope to make this hobby a monthly thing. So I’d be sending 5 postcards to all over the world (per month) because I want to send smiles to them. 🙂

Hopefully I get one back too to make my day!


2 thoughts on “Postcard Crossing

    • They are not able to send me replies because they don’t know my address. But some random strangers would be able to send me the moment those postcards are being registered by the receivers!

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