Don’s Chicken Pie

Lunch @ Don’s Chicken Pie with my boyfriend today!

Some people would think I’m crazy to travel all the way to Chinatown just for a pie and then go home.
Well, this is what I do because I don’t mind travelling to far places for good food.

Ever since I ate once few years ago, I fell in love with their handmade pies! And since then, I kept coming back to the shop to eat their pies with my boyfriend.

And yes, it is that good!

During lunch hour, you can see the whole shop packed with people. Sometimes their chicken pies would even be sold out!

Our hot chocolate!
I seldom drink hot chocolate because it either taste like milo or it is tasteless… but this one is different. 😀

I’m fond of cheesecakes too but this cheesecake is not much to my liking.

Chicken Shepperd’s pie!

Usually I’d order a black pepper chicken pie but after tasting the Shepperd’s pie that my bf ordered the previous time we came here, I fell in love with their Shepperd’s pie too.

Ending this entry with this cute thing I saw at Dhoby Ghaut Station:


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