Dinning @ Outback + SALE!!!

Dinning at Outback restaurant today!

Since Kai just started his school at NTU, there are lesser chance to meet up with each other… However today he turns up at my school to give me a surprise! 😀

Today is exactly our 8th month together and he still does those silly pop-out-surprises that made my day. Sometimes I wonder to myself if all these are real. I don’t know about the other guys out there, but I know that all my ex-es definitely don’t do this to please a girl.


We then decided to head to Outback Restaurant which is located at Millennium Walk!

Potato soup which tastes good, bit similar to Mushroom soup.

If you ever decided to go to Outback for dinner, ORDER THIS FOR YOUR DESSERT. It was being recommended by Wong Lilin on Channel 5 before. It’s some warm brownie with pecan in it and on top of it was a scoop of icecream + whip cream with lots of melted chocolate. For chocolate lovers, I think you would love this.

Besides going to the restaurant, we also went to….

YES! That’s right! The Body Shop warehouse sale!
I received a text from them yesterday but I forgot all about it until I reached Suntec Convention Centre!

So basically it’s a warehouse sale, prices slashed up to 70%!
You can get for example 4 for 10 bucks of body scrub and stuffs…


Here’s my shopping loot of the day (heehee):

1. A Kabuki brush! (YES, I finally got one at around 50% off! All vain girls must have this in their makeup kit)
2. 2 Orange scrub thingy
3. Foot softener for cracked heels!
4. A blue foam that is used to exfoliate your feet
5. 4 in 1 nail filer!

Awesome day today!


P/S: I’m currently trying out the 14 day face diet recommended by my sister and a method to detoxify liver.
Would blog about the results soon!


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