Innovillage’s Tree House

Last Tuesday I was involved in a video filming with Mae, Daniel, Erin, Fikri and Iryshad!

The school had won an environmental award with the innovillage and they need to shoot a video for the awards ceremony…

Check out at my lashes! They are real ok! 😀

And… we had 0ur first look at the tree house which was designed by our year2 lecturer Mr Idris!

One of the treehouse!

SP students would be able to recognise that yellow “window”… It’s being recycled from the caterpillar walkway of SP!

There is Mr Idris (on the left) explaining to us about his design

Learnt something today!

Look at the railings! It was designed to be some thin, and some a wide so that the shadow cast would be beautiful!
Talk about designing details… lol.

View from the treehouse…

I can’t think of a way to end this post… shall work on that sometime!
Till then, tata~
(this is a very bad ending)


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