It’s granny’s birthday!

My granny turns 85 years old last weekend!

We went to a restaurant in Jurong East to celebrate her birthday! 😀

Many things happened to my granny last year and I’m so glad I can celebrate her birthday this year.
Long live granny! 😀

Look at us! We glow! Thanks to the 14 day face diet!
(By the way, don’t compare my face tone to my arms. My arms is way too dark because I’m frequently out in the sun for school work.)

Cousin Jevons and I!

Siao kias trying to act cool. LOL.

Cousin Keith and I!
I don’t know why, but everytime we have a KTV session we always sings 制造浪漫 (Creating Romance) together.

Concidence much?

My daddy always love to make funny faces infront of the camera. LOL

Remy Ong came to the dinner too!
I hardly sees him because he’s like always very busy flying around.

Kids being so happy just by playing little games…




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