Singapore Philatelic Museum

Admit it!

Meeting up with your boyfriend at different parts of town (day 1 = Orchard Central, day 2 = ion, day 3 = 313 Somerset…), have dinner together and then go catch a midnight show is boring.  Even if just seeing his face is all that matter, things still gets boring after awhile.


And movies tickets doesn’t come cheap at all!

(Girls don’t burn a hole in their pocket with dates but guys do.)


Window shopping is good but when I get near shops I would always want to buy some clothes/shoes/bags home. And you know guys right, they can’t bear the sight of girls leaving the shop with a bitter face so their wallets are always flat.

So I like visiting places which both of us don’t have to pay…


Like the Civil Defense Heritage Gallery!

Haha, we just loooooooooove making funny faces. 😛


Singapore Philatelic Museum

This museum is all about postcards and stamps!
I saw some pretty postcards in a blog the other day and it led me to the SPM! Just pure coincidence that a week after the search was the open house!
Which means it is free admission!  Best time to enter a museum. 😀

Olympic posters. My personal favorite is the one in Atlanta (second from bottom right)

This mailbox was used in Hongkong!

Coffee, anyone?

Since it was Hari Raya that day, there was a “Make a Card” session at the museum, teaching little kids how to make a card.

I’m a huge kid!

The staff demonstrating to us what should we do on these papers

Tadah! Finished product!

Folded heart made by strips of processed Cuttlefish ❤


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