Marina Bay Sands

Visited the newest tourist attraction Marina Bay Sands last Wednesday after my presentation!

I’ve sent out postcards of Marina Bay Sands but have never been there before. Quite an irony I would say, but well… Singapore has quite a number of tourist attractions so it’s impossible to visit all of them unless I’m super rich/free.

I got a postcard from the hotel that looked like this!
Not sending it out to anybody, it’s mine to keep. ๐Ÿ˜›

Welcome to Marina Bay Sands Hotel!

The ceiling with a piece of very nice artwork hanging in the center

I’m quite fascinated by professional models! How can they do tiny details like this?!

Hotel corridors!
(Didn’t take pictures of the inner decor of the hotel room because it was in a huge mess…)

View from the balcony – the cars looked like toys!

Panoramic view from the hotel! It’s quite pretty even though Singapore waters kinda suck.


Sky Garden of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We were given free access to the sky garden because Cathy booked the hotel room! Otherwise it would cost us 20 bucks per pax.

Sis and I were talking about it sometime ago, and both of us agree that it’s kinda weird to request for a fee to enter a sky garden. It’s not something that is very exciting what. I mean, how can a garden be any attractive enough for people to pay?

So anyway, here is the sky garden:

Now I see where they are coming from.


Infinity edge pool!
This view is particularly interesting because the beds are sort of half submerge in water and it’s so relaxing just to look at the skyscrapers.

I like how they blend the ground and turfing together

Kai’s Aunt

Haha. Nicole being cheeky!

Very grand looking!

Night view! ๐Ÿ˜€

This is a little blur, but just to show you how amazing the night view looks like ๐Ÿ™‚

I was feeling quite tired by the time the night arrived, but nonetheless I had a lot of fun sightseeing!
It wasn’t a place that I could easily get to and hence this comes as a rare opportunity.



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