Flowers from all over the world

Received postcards few weeks ago but I didn’t have the time to update! Bah!


This card was sent by Tim from USA!
He got this postcard from the Freer Gallery of Art, a government run museum which is about 350km from his house.

The picture is a painting of flowering apricots! It was painted in the 16th Century Year 1547, Ming Dynasty by Ch’iu Ying.


The next postcard was sent by Katie from USA too!

The California Poppy (Yellow flowers) is a state flower of California. April 6 is designated as the California Poppy Day.
And the Lupine (purple flower) is a state flower of Texas!



This postcard full of daisies is sent by Nori from Finland!

I love daisies (because they looked like Aster flowers)!  😀


Since we’re on the topic of postcards,

I received my first postcard through postcrossing’s “random database”!

Sender was from Netherlands called Eelco!

He lives in Oudenbosch, a village in the west of the Dutch province. Oudenbosch is famous for the church Basilica (the picture on the postcard). It is a catholic church that is a smaller copy of the St. Peter’s church in Rome.


Ok that’s about it for now. Flower postcards have already been posted in the “Flowers from all over the world” tab! Check it out!


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