Flowers from all over the world

I have 14 cards to share this week so it’s a very long post!
Click “read more” to know more about the postcards received!

Alaska Wildflowers!

Channelle from Alaska sent me this postcard!

The last time I shared cards, one of the cards contains 2 of the flowers (Lupine, Poppy) in this card!

There are 2 additional flowers on this card which are the Forget-me-not (Purple flowers in the bottom foreground) and the Fireweed (Red flowers in the centre)

This card was sent by nnami from Japan via the random database!

In this card, it features this stretch of yellow flowers called “Nanohana”.

Nanohana is called Brassica napus in Latin, and commonly known as Rapeseed.

Rapeseed is cultivated for cooking (Canola oil) and use in Bio-diesel for motoring vehicles.

This one was sent by Ann, from Michigan!

The purple flowers at the corners are called Lilacs. It’s scientific name is called “Syringa”.

Mackinac Island is a resort island in USA, and is very famous for its lilac flowers.
The lower left picture features the Grand Hotel, where the 1980 Christopher Reeve movie “Somewhere in Time” was flimed.

Long Yu from Wuhan sent me these beautiful cards!
It was very nicely wrapped inside an envelope and they were blank postcards!

Thank you Long Yu!

This flower card was sent by Kaheli from Finland!

I’m not very sure what flower is this but it sure looks beautiful!

I love the postman! He managed to deliver this card to me even though no apartment address was written on it!

This is my favorite postcard! I love it because of the sides and the beautiful sunflowers!

Sent by Veronika from Czech Republic via the random database! 😀

This was from Mo Shu, from Jiang Su!

It’s not exactly a flower card, but this tree is called a “Birch Tree”.

This is a card from Teresa and Lori!

It’s my favorite card too not because of the picture but because it’s written by a little girl!

Greetings! This is a beautiful landscaped area along a nearby highway. I love to see all the beautiful colors in the spring.

Indeed beautiful! Look at the smiley face!


Other than flower postcards, I also received some other cards too:

A beautiful people postcard of the Philippines in their traditional costumes!

This was sent by Candice from Philippines!

Alexandra from Moscow sent me this card!

It’s a train station of Park Pobedy in 2003!

Look at how well designed the station is!

Sent by Vanessa from Croatia!

I didn’t know that Croatia exist until this postcard arrived!
Ok, my geography sucks but Croatia is a country in the central Europe.

The last postcard was sent by Gorlova from Russia!

Gorlova is someone I sent to via random database, and she wanted to send a card back to me! How nice!

This card shows the night view of her city, Novosibirsk. It’s one of the largest city in Russia and the architecture inside is a Opera theatre and is the largest theatre built in Russia (built during the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union against the Nazi Germany).


That’s all for this week!

P/S: My printer miraculously revived yesterday after my house blackout because the antenna was struck by lightning.


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