Aqualabel’s Private Party

Attended Sis’s Aqualabel Party yesterday!

Sis entered the final round of Aqualabel’s blogging contest and it’s her turn to organise a workshop to teach us girls how to use Aqualabel’s product!

The whole event lasted for around 2 hours, and it’s fun trying all sorts of products. We even had a mini facial session!
Anyway all the pictures below just sums up how fun the party was!

The theme was Blue! It’s been a while since I wore anything strapless…

Great skin + hair = picture perfect day


Anyway Peiling and I got there early to help sis to decorate the room…

Look at the wall filled with blue roses!

And tables are filled with mirrors, hair clips, sponge applicators, drinks, roses and handmade welcome cards for everybody!

… and products for us to try!

Peiling and I!

Sis took this before the party started. I was happily munching my waffles because I was super hungry!

Giving a presentation on Aqualabel’s products

Face mask session!

Us in face mask

I like their masks! It’s not very thin or flimsy so I wouldn’t worry about a torn face mask when trying to open it up from the package.
And it fits my face!

I find the face mask session very funny because everyone looked so weird with face masks on. It’s not something I get to see very often…

Q&A! Haha I won a prize! I’m such a cheapo, I kept raising my hands up until I got to answer the question. LOL

Ending this post of a group shot of everyone who attended!

It was fun! ❤


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