F1 & Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe!

Went out with Kai to F1 Event last friday!

The stage whereby Adam Lambert would be performing on…

I tried to learn it but I think I kinda suck at hand to eye co-ordination. šŸ˜¦

I seriously thinks that the F1 event was set up to rip tourists’ money. We came to this stretch of food stalls (photo above) and we were really hungry because the aroma was so strong. But on closer look, the price was mad expensive! 12 bucks for a plate of satay and 4 bucks for a cup of drink. Wtf?

So in the end we walked away to the other booths.

F1 merchandises, anyone?

I think Kai looks good with his new spectacles!

Well anyway, that’s the end of the F1 event. We didn’t go and watch cars speeding or the concert because the weather was bad. It rained before we reached there and the whole place was muddy. It made me super paranoid because my legs were dirty! I wish someone could just carry me to places with proper pathways.

But food made me feel so much better afterward!

Grumpy girl doesn’t look good with smiles

Kai’s braised meat with preserved vegetables!
A bit salty but tastes quite good!

Chicken cutlet rice! Taste so much like the chicken cutlet I tasted in Taiwan!

I love curry. And I always love Xin Wang’s curry. å¾ˆęœ‰å¦ˆå¦ˆēš„味道ļ¼

Pig’s large intestines
I don’t like it. It tastes a little foul and weird.

Ending this post with a picture of myself. šŸ™‚


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