Flowers from all over the world

Last week I received 5 flower cards!
Click read more to find out!


This card is from SL Liew in Penang Island, Malaysia.

The flowers on the card are called “Hibiscus”. It’s the national flower of Malaysia!
I remember seeing Hibiscus on my phonecard collection, but always forgets how it looked like!

Not exactly a flower card, but I love the flowers at the side! So pink and fluffy!
The house in the middle looked like a mailbox to me! I wish I have such pretty mailbox.

This card is from dotdotPC, Helsinki (Finland) via random database.

I love this card! The flowers are so beautiful!

This card is from Olga, Russia!

The flower is commonly called the Japanese Wisteria (Scientific name: Wisteria floribunda). It is a woody liana that is very commonly seen in the North America and the East Asia (Japan). Lianas are woody vines that uses vertical support to climb up to the canopy of the forest.

Everyone should know this flower! Yes it is the Cherry Blossom!

This card is from Maki, Tokyo (Japan) via random database!


Lastly, this card is from Yulia, Russia!

I was very delighted when I received this card, because it’s not a postcard but a greeting card full of my favorite flowers! They are called Asters and they looked like Daisies and Chrysanthemums. :D:D

This greeting card sort of came at the right time, because it seems to be greeting me “Happy Birthday”!


That’s all for now! I have a few more cards to share (non flower related), but I think I shall wait for more cards before I share them!


One thought on “Flowers from all over the world

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