Kai turns 22!

That’s right! My boyfriend finally turns 22! 😀


Got up at 7.30am today to cook some simple dishes for his birthday and decided to bring them over to NTU as a surprise!
(But I know he sort of realised that I’m going over la. My hint is too obvious. :()

Sent him a text message in the morning to tell him that I’m coming over with something nice!
Lunch hour special! Heh heh heh~

Fried rice with eggs + french toast!

I actually cooked a lot, but by the time I took the picture we already ate more than half. Hahaha.

He loves my cooking!

When I passed him the handmade card, I knew he was very touched! 😀
He is by far the first boyfriend (maybe the only one too) that I bothered to get up early, cook for him and bring them to his school to give him a surprise.

So glad I did that. ❤


Though it’s not some fanciful dinner, I still hope he likes the food I cooked! 🙂



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