Marché Dinner with classmates!

We girls (Cherie, Yi En, Kai Lin and myself) have dinner together every birthday celebration and this time round it’s my turn to celebrate! Yay!

So we had our dinner in Marche @ Vivocity!
(Anyway, I’m very suaku la. It’s my first time eating at Marche. Plusplusplus, I only heard of the restaurant two years ago. LOL)

Love their setting! I feel like I’m somewhere in Europe already. Hohoho~


Took some pictures with the girls while waiting for Kai Lin to arrive!

With Cherry

With Yi En the birthday girl! That makes two birthday girls this month!

Don’t understand why we have to pay 100 bucks for this card if we lost it. =x

Attempt to take a picture of myself but failed. So blur.


I had grilled chicken breast. I like how the chicken tastes like but the meat is probably a tad too “old”.

German sausage and Buffalo Wings!
MAJOR LOVE for it!

If I ever go to Germany or Sweden, I probably get fat by eating these everyday.

Kai Lin’s Salmon and Rosti (slices of potatoes).
The rosti was great! Too bad I don’t have a big stomach, otherwise I’d order the Rosti as well.

I have hot tea to go along with what I eat usually, and this time round I ordered Peppermint tea.
I love how the tea tastes like, and even to the very last bit it is not too bitter.

People who have Asthma/stressed up should drink more Peppermint tea because peppermint contains muscle relaxants to help you to relax your body.

Don’t know what this drink is. The girls had this.

Yi En’s Salmon and baked potato. I believe the meat on top of the potato are bacon.


Cherie ordered Calamari! I loooooove the freshness of the calamari. I have a soft spot for seafood especially squids so this dish is great!
The calamari is very “Q”! Much love!


Thank you for the enjoyable dinner girls! You girls always made my day with all our little jokes and stuffs. 🙂


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