New toy~

I finally get to laid my hands on the Tamagotchi ID I’ve been eyeing for!
It was a joint present by my sister and my Kai (of course I still have to pay for part of the present… but still,)!


I woke up today at 9am to start hatching my Tamagotchi! After like 15 mins of playing, he took a short nap. SLEEPYHEAD!

Anyway, my name is “♥” because I don’t know how to type Hiragana or Kanji. So ♥!

My Tamagotchi is a boy and he looks like a green apple when he was a baby!
I actually was hoping to get a girl… oh well it doesn’t matter!

It was damn irritating to take care of him when hes a baby. He kept shitting and was always hungry!

But he’s cute!

Shortly after that he evolved to a small little bird (or is it chicken?) called Hanepatchi!
Super cute man~

I took him out to the courtyard and planted some seeds! Hopefully they would grow into beautiful flowers!

Revamped his room!
(I know my tamagotchi is male, but I like this princessy room!)


I like my tamagotchi so far! I treat it as my pet but I don’t have real life shit conditions to deal with (smelly room, poo poo and urine to clean up & etc)… and I can bring it everywhere I want! 😀

And the best part is it’s a color screen! Definitely wins all other tamagotchi sets.

That’s all for now!


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