Review: Garnier’s pore tightening astringent

I’m thinking of doing my first review today and therefore I’d like to share one of my favorite product to use after I finish doing my weekly facial routine!

Garnier’s pore tightening astringent!


Astringents are the strongest form of Toner (skin care) you can find in the market and it contains the highest amount of alcohol (20 – 60%). Astringents are normally recommended for oily skins users as they are drying.


What Garnier’s pore tightening astringent promises:
– Tighten pores
– Dries imperfections
– Evens skin complexion

After using the product, my skin feels tight. It’s a bit sticky before drying, but applying my moisturiser, my face feels better. As it is drying, I wouldn’t recommend excessive usage. Excessive usage may cause our skin to produce more oil to make up for the moisture loss. If you would like to use it daily, use a cotton ball and dab the astringent onto some parts that produces more oil (example: T-zone).

For me, I like using it after I applied my pore pack. Pores usually takes awhile to close up, and therefore I would use it to tighten my pores a little. Usually I use this product together with a cotton pad and let the astringent sit on my nose for a few minutes before taking the cotton pad off.

I also like to apply it on a burst zit as astringent contains antiseptic ingredients, good for cleansing bacteria off skin so that the bacteria on the zit would not spread to the other parts of your face. But be careful, because on open wounds, this product might sting a little.

I started using this product 2 years ago, and now I’m still using it! (I’m  on my 7th bottle now)
I like this product because it doesn’t contain Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicyclic Acid! I’m very allergic to these 2 ingredients and therefore many over the counter acne products aren’t suitable for me.

This product costs around 7 to 8 bucks and can be easily purchase at Watsons or Guardian (whichever that sells Garnier products)!


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