He wants a snack

My tam has evolved to a Mametchi this morning, and since then I’ve noticed some (weird) behaviour of my Mametchi.


1. He doesn’t like home cooked rice.

I saw that he have one empty rice bowl (hunger stats) so I decided to give him a bowl of rice. He ate it in big mouthful (I thought he was hungry then) and after eating he kicked up a big fuss and seemed very angry!

I don’t know what happened and thought he was still hungry so I offered him another bowl of rice. He still ate it and the same thing happened again.


原来 he wanted to eat at the restaurant. -.-
I don’t really want to take him to the restaurant lor because I’m saving up the money for his child (I hope to get a girl so I can buy her a tiara)… But I took him there anyway because I don’t wanna him to get upset.


2. He is always full and his happy bar decreases easily.

I cannot feed him with proper meals (he even declines his fav hamburger steak) and need to feed him snacks very often. Then he gets heavier! So every once in awhile I need to play games with him so he can slim down.


3. He makes requests!

Never encountered this before!

This is the first time I encountered this, I tried looking up hiragana charts but I found nothing!

Thank god my friend Hito knows Jap and she helped me to decipher what he wanted.

He wants to play.


5 hours later my tam beeped me again!

Walao this time round I really don’t know what to do and I can’t possibly ask Hito again for help!

So I went to search for it myself… and I found out that he wants a snack. Greedy boy!


Seriously Bandai should release a Tamagotchi ID in English version, Singaporeans don’t know Japanese! FML.



1) Today at 6pm he beeped me today, asking to get dressed up. So I changed his baseball cap to a top hat.
He looked like a magician now. Hahahahaa.

2) He still doesn’t like home cooked rice.

3) He slept at 9pm (Tamagotchi time) instead of his usual 8pm!
When he was young, he always wake up at 7am and slept at 8pm. I guess that when a pet grows up, his sleeping time also varies.


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