Universal Studios! (Part 1)


It was scorching hot yesterday!
But thanks to the weather we get to visit so many attractions!

That’s where we went to! Resorts World!


The first place we went to in Universal Studios was Madagascar!


I love Merry-Go-Rounds! I love the colors and the music!


Kai is happy!


Then we were lucky enough to see the cast of Madagascar performing!

I like tuh move it move it~

Picture with King Julien!


Welcome to the land of Far Far Away…

Our first stop for Far Far Away was the 4d movie!

It’s my first time watching a 4d movie! It was so interactive!
But queuing up was a bitch though.

After the movie, we sat on the mini Ferris wheel!

The look from above


After the ride, we went to ride on the roller coaster!

No pics taken because cameras wasn’t allowed. It was a rather short ride, but it was fun!
My secondary school friend Clarence was working at the roller coaster station!


After Far Far Away, ya know what comes next?

Water World!

One of my favorite attractions!

Water world was a play about these group of people being the “last person” on Earth.
The Earth was covered with mostly water, and they’ll need to search for dry lands.

Then the villians of the show comes in and attack their fortress.
This show was damn cool, loads of explosions and water splashing to expect from!

The cast were also very interactive people!


That’s about it for part one!
Would be posting the rest of the attractions such as Jurassic Park, Ancient Egypt, Science Fiction City, New York, Hollywood and the fireworks tomorrow.



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