Removing makeup is such a pain… Not!

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How do you know
if your face is clean enough
to go to sleep?



NEVER, ever say that makeup is evil.
Makeup is not evil, but if you don’t remove them properly before you sleep then they are evil.

Washing your face with water and soap does not remove makeup totally. Without proper cleansing, your face will be prone to acne breakouts!


Sleeping with makeup on our face causes our pores not able to breathe, thus makeup clogs our pores. It damages our skin and further aggravate our acne problems. The skin regenerates itself at night, and our skin loses its shine in the long run!

If you think facial masks are important, so does makeup remover!

Our cosmetics products contains different constitution, hence we have to use different types of makeup removers to correctly remove our makeup.

I use makeup remover every single day, because even though I do not apply heavy makeup to school, I’m using sunblock.
Yes, even sunblock have to be removed by makeup removers!


Therefore, I use water-based makeup remover such as the Biore Hydra-clear makeup remover (Blue bottle)!
It gently removes without having to tug our delicate skin.

For foundations, BB creams, sunblocks (anything on your face), use water-based makeup remover!


For Eye and lip makeup, you need something extra like the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip (Pink bottle).

Excessive wiping can cause our eyelashes to fall out, and our eyes would also be prone to wrinkles and fine lines!
Biore makeup remover for Eye & Lip are gentle on our eyes, yet tough on waterproof makeup!

Now comes the fun part:


On my hand is a swatch on cosmetics products that I frequently use

I run my test on running water for 10 seconds to make sure that they are waterproof!

All cleansed! See how effective the product really is!
I’m amazed!


But if you are the party-goers so someone who doesn’t like to spend time in the bathroom just to remove makeup, you might just need the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets!

It’s so convenient you can just pop them into your bag and use them on-the-go!

I like to use them to do so some touch up, example when my eyeliner smudges.

Best part is that they are 100% Alcohol-free, meaning that after prolong use your face would not be dehydrated at all!

All the while I’m using Biore’s facial sheets, until I used them up. So I bought an unknown brand of cleansing wipes for my Indonesia trip because I wanted to save a few dollars… But now let me tell you, don’t scrimp and settle on some lousy product.

Lousy Brand X


I did a test on both products to show how effective both products are:

On my hands are swatches of makeup products that I frequently use.
My left hand is for the test of Biore’s Facial Sheets and the right hand is for the test of an unknown brand X.


Results for Brand X

Does this cleansing wipes remove my makeup totally? NO.
Look, my waterproof eyeliner is still there!


Results for Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

Makeup removes like a breeze! Whee~


After reading so much on Biore products, don’t you want a sample to try too?

Redeem your sample here!

Products are sponsored by and Kao (:

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