Ever since I started school I have so many things to do!
Things are piling up and it feels like I’m not going to finish them…

Everytime I reached home I feel so tired. I feel tired too even if I’m not going to school today. Ugh.

And I don’t have the time to update my blog about postcards I received! The only thing I can do is to play with my tamagotchi to take a small break. Sometimes I don’t even have the time to play with her lor.

Besides my project’s submission dateline on 8 November, here’s a list of other things I’ve not done yet:

– Blog about my Universal Studios trip part 2
– Blog about Weepeng’s graduation show (just did)
– Blog about Liese hair advertorial
– My course’s graduation show stuffs


How I wish I’m having holidays now. 😦


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