Style up your hair effortlessly with Liese

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This few weeks were crazy for me! I spent my days doing my school project. Besides lunch and dinner, I basically have no time for rest. I slept for few hours each day and have to wake up early for school. Needless to say, I don’t have the time to take care of my poor hair!

But I was lucky to receive Liese hair products for review so that I still look fairly well without spending too much time on my hair!
NOTE: LIESE is pronounced as LEE-ZAY not lee-see, lis or any other words you can think of. 😦

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail

How the product works:

It contains moisture milk and repairing water that helps to smoothen out tangles so that your hair can be gently combed!

When I first tried the product, I fell in love with it instantly. There is no other hair product that could help me to smooth my tangles. Plus, there is no smell of the pungent chemicals that many other hair products contain. There is a light floral scent that makes your hair smells nice!

This product works on both dry and damp hair! I use it everyday everyday! I like to apply the product on my hair straight after bathing so that I don’t have to struggle with hair tangles.


Liese Hair Cube Wax in 03 (Standard)

How the product works:

It has medium strength of setting power that offers you good styling control without weighing your hair down!

Do you feel that the wax on your hands are not able to wash off after styling your hair with wax? This cube of wax doesn’t give you the problem! I love the non-stickiness feeling of it and it’s easy to wash off your hands without soap!


To show you really how effective the products are for styling your hair, here’s a image tutorial of how to use them!



This is how I look when I woke up. Tired with….

…. messed up hair



Use Liese Smooth hair cocktail to smooth on your hair

For shoulder length hair (like me), you need about 10 pumps of hair mist.



Use a hair straightener to straighten out hair flyaways

Curl your hair inwards with the straightener to achieve this:



Change your hairline to center parting and plait your fringe


After plaiting is done, secure it with bobby pins like this:

You will look like this after plaiting your hair



Use Liese Clear Cube Wax in Standard 03 to set your hair ends

Use this small amount of wax will do

Run fingers through hair ends with the hair wax

And viola! Ready to go out!


Here’s a side by side comparison:


Other than the 2 of the hair products mentioned, there’s the full range of Liese products available:

Liese Clear Cube Wax

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail

Liese Juicy Shower

Liese Hair Cocktail

Liese Wave Up Foam 01

Liese Wave Up Foam 02

Liese Wave-up Foam 03


All Liese Hair Products can be purchase at all Watsons, Guardians and selected supermarkets!



Products are sponsored by thesamplestore and Liese! (:

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