An update

This weekend, I’m going to blog about my long passed Sentosa trip, Flower postcards (and many other postcards I’ve received so far) and the project that made me lost my hair, sleep and hurt my nerves in the process of it.

I went to see the doctor this morning (finally) because I have not recovered from my nerves hurting yet. The doctor gave me some painkiller, antibiotics, and pills to reduce swelling. Hopefully this is not permanent, I don’t want to be crippled even though I’m very lazy to walk la.

On top of it, my heart always races out of a sudden and I get shortness of breath. Me thinks it’s because of the recent haze and I’m afraid that my asthma would act up again. So the doctor also gave me pills for standby, just in case I have an attack again.

If I have an attack (choi), most likely my life would be revolving around that damn blue inhaler again. 😦

That’s all for update. Need to sleep early because I have a presentation tomorrow!
Good night folks! 🙂


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