Flowers from all over the world

It’s been a long long while since I posted something postcard related! These might be the last batch of flower cards as I am collecting other types of postcards now.

Nonetheless, click “read more” to find out what cards I received!


The first card is from Harune, Japan!
I got this card through a swap as Harune was looking for ticket studs!

This field of bright pink daises filled the entire postcard and with the beautiful blue sky, it lightens up my mood everytime I see it.

Thank you Harune!

The second card is from Caroline, Malaysia!

Caroline lives in Borneo Sabah, and this postcard shows the flowers in Borneo.
I’m not really sure which flowers are these, but I’m pretty sure the first one (top left) is the Pitcher plant and the second one might be a type of Orchid.

This one is from Shurbani, Malaysia.

This card shows the many types of Orchids (Orchidaceae) which are found in Malaysia.

These are 2 different postcards sent from the same person!

The cards are sent from Erin, France!
Erin chanced upon my collection of flowers and realised that I don’t have any french cards for collection, so she offered to send me some!

The beautiful flowers on the card are Hydrangeas. If you remembered what you studied in Science, you will realise they have something in common with a litmus paper!
The colors of the flowers depends on the PH of the soil.

Many thanks to Erin for the cards! I love it!


That’s all of now. I have SO MANY other types of cards – streetscape, landscape, cityscape I wish I have the time to update them (maybe tomorrow).

I will be updating my “Flowers from all over the world” tab with these cards! I do hope there are more flower cards I can collect.



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