Tamagotchi Update

I’ve played with my Tamagotchi for a month plus now, and I’m proud to say I’m still pretty much a responsible owner!

I’ve raised 5 tamagotchi so far and it’s still something I played with everyday, despite the fact that sometimes I’m too tired to touch it for a few hours.

My third pet which I called her Three, standing next to a Jack-O-Lantern!
The jack-o-lantern appeared out of nowhere during the Halloween.

It’s Four’s birthday last week! I gave her a cake for celebration.

Five! Five has alot of piercings and always act cool. I think this batman mask suits him a lot. He looked like a batman running in the courtyard.


Approximately every 1 week I can raise a new pet. I marry my pet and it will give birth to another one and I would repeat the process over and over again. But each of the pet grows up differently according to the care misses, and therefore there are many things to expect from each Tamagotchis.

I love playing it!

Though it’s not a real pet, but it’s still good to keep because it accompanies you wherever you go! The upkeep for it is only 2 AAA batteries every month, definitely beats buying food for real pets.

After I’ve raised the 11 characters, I’m going to raise just one and not going to marry it. Hopefully he/she will live long!


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