This is life.

It’s my third post of the day because I just want to get everything over and done with before school starts tomorrow.

Even though I developed sore throat and slight flu, I’m recovering at a fast pace because I slept the whole day yesterday.

Wake up, go to Kai’s house
Wake up and head for lunch at Bedok
Ate Duck Porridge (Yums, it’s been many years since I last ate one!)
Go back to Kai’s house
Wake up and head for dinner at 85 Bedok (different part of Bedok)
Ate Pork Porridge (Love the pork, it’s so sweet!)
Kai drove me back home
Watch tv


When school starts again, it would be another 3 weeks of come-torture-myself-and-die with piling school projects, field trips, presentation bla bla bla.
Sometimes I don’t even know what am I pia-ing for.

And many people say I’m too stressed up and I need to relax.
But maybe the truth is, I can’t be relax.
I prefer to do everything all at once and have plenty of time sleeping rather than wait for the last minute and start producing mediocre work. I know I can do the latter but I know I would be guilt-ridden if I do it. Like what my parents always taught sis and me when we were young, you don’t have to get upset if you put in your effort.
I know I’m capable of achieving better if I put in all my might and that’s why I’m always that kan chieong.


The first part of the individual project is over, check out my presentation panels:
(Click the image to view the enlarged version)

Comments weren’t very good regarding the design because the design was too “hard”.
Guess I know where the fault lies!

But despite that I still don’t know why am I pia-ing for la!

Hopefully everything ends quickly. GRADUATION PLEASE ARRIVE FASTER!


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