Review: Rojukiss Whitening Range


A review of a new skincare brand from Korea called Rojukiss!

The range of products I will be reviewing today are Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural and Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural Daily UV Scatter Sunblock  SPF50+ PA+++!


The Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural helps to accelerate new cell growth by reviving the dead skin cells on our skin. At the same time it helps fade our acne marks and freckles.

Its formula not only it whitens, it also makes our skin glow in pink!
(Nobody likes yellowish skin!)


The picture of the 2 bottles above are catered for different skin needs. On the left (brown tone) the serum is used for dark spots (such as acne marks, freckles) which are difficult to solve. The serum on the right (light tone) is for general whitening which is to be applied all over the face.






You can see that I took these picture with super macro mode so you can see all the pores clearly. You can even see my facial hair!

Skin Condition: Combination & Sensitive
Concerns: Acne marks
Days used: 3

As my parcel arrived at a later time, I do not have enough time to test them on my skin. However, my skin has slight improvement just within 3 days. As you can see, my skin is troubled with red spots caused by acne a long time ago. After using the product, my skin is a little lighter and brighter.

Due to my sensitive skin, there are a lot of products out on the market which I can’t use. However this product does not give me rashes and therefore it is quite safe for sensitive skin users. There are also no tingling feeling when applied.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with this product!



Everyone would need sunblock because UV rays can damage our skin in the long run. Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural Daily UV Scatter Sunblock  SPF50+ PA+++ can help to protect you from the harmful UV rays for 12 hours! It is also waterproof, great for people who loves beach activities and swimming!

I’m a regular user of sunblock and therefore I’ve used many types of sunblock before. Some sunblocks are very drying but this one doesn’t. It has a liquid texture to it and I love how it doesn’t feels dry and powdery on my skin!


All of Rojukiss products are certified by Dernscan Institute of France and they does not cause of irritation skin, even to sensitive skin like me! 😀

Here’s the other range of Rojukiss products which you might be interested in as well:

STIM White CELL Natural Day Cream SPF40 PA+++
STIM White CELL Natural Night Cream–Extra Recover
ROJUKISS STIM White CELL Natural Soft Bubble Cleansing Foam

You can purchase Rojukiss products at Guardian during mid-december!
For those who likes to have a sneak preview for Rojukiss and other new products, you may visit Guardian’s two new stores in Serangoon Nex and Marina Bay Sands in the beginning of December!

That’s it!

All products are sponsored by Confirm Trading and Rojukiss! ❤

2 thoughts on “Review: Rojukiss Whitening Range

  1. ping ping says:

    Hi! I’m currently using the rojukiss stim cell white for light tone product that u reviewed on. The one I bought frm guardians looks a little different frm the pic u took. Mine is made of glass instead of plastic and it has a cap called an activator. The serum is transparent as shown in the pic .I followed the instructions as mentioned, the serum turns brown after pressing the activator. I STOPPED USING it after the FIRST DAY. It worried me upon seeing the results. On the 1st day: my skin immediately turned 4 TONES DARKER.2nd day: RED and HOT (looked like RASHES).3rd day: RED, PAIANFUL, ITCHY, SWOLLEN and VERY HOT (looked like SUNBURN).I only used it for the 1st day and the results are continuous. It really frightens me. Is it supposed to be like that?

    1. 淑絹 says:

      Hi Ping Ping, not everyone suits a certain product. From what you’ve described to me, you could be having an allergic reaction. Stop using it now and you should go and see a doctor. Hope this helps.

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