I am an Urbanista


Liselle is a brand new skincare brand in the market (was formed in 2010) and I’m one of the 7 lucky bloggers to review it!

Created specially for women who are a fashion urbanista, its products are designed for women who are facing environmental aggressions all the time.
Most products are focused on repair, renewal and regeneration of skin cells.

I am currently studying in a course where I am doing projects 99% of the time.
My course requires full concentration and when I do, I neglect my skin due to the lack of sleep and irregular eating habits.
Plus, I go on field trips with the class, and hence my skin is exposed to the sun very frequently.

That’s why I’m so excited to try out Lisselle’s skincare products!

I’m going to review these 3 products from Liselle, mainly the:

Youth Guard Hydrator
Youth Protector Essence
Urbanista Defence Cream SPF 30

The youth guard hydrator is an antioxidant loaded moisturizer that helps to repair damages caused by environmental aggression and prevents premature aging!
It also helps to lighten acne scars, dark spots and skin discoloration.

It also promised to:

1. Stimulate skin metabolism by minimizing lipid preoxidation
2. Improve natural collagen production and quenching parch skin with plenty of moisture
3. Uncover your natural glow with its incredible dullness eliminator that leaves you with a pleasantly firmer, better tone and positively radiant skin


I can really see the results the next day!
When I look into the mirror, I feel that my face is a lot smoother and bouncier.
Even my boyfriend noticed the change in my skin!

The downside of the product is that it’s a tad sticky, but it’s all right because this product is meant for using in the night time!


The Youth Protector Essence helps to repair damaged skin cell and helps to prolong cell longetivity.
At the same time, it rejuvenates our skin to maintain our youthful appearance and vitality. It also promised to boost skin’s natural fibroblast, collagen and moisture content!

This youth protector essence, together with the hydrator really makes my skin glow and regain elasticity.
Also this hydrator is not oily nor sticky!


This Urbanista Defence Cream is actually a tinted sunblock with SPF 30!

Everyone loves to look natural, however if you don’t have the baby smooth skin you can fake it with tinted sunblock!

While it’s main function is to help you shield from the harmful UV rays, it contains makeup advantages such as pore refining and has a slight coverage to help correct skin tone and covers blemishes.


As you can see in the picture, my main concerns are acne marks, uneven skin tone and my dark eye circles (oh god).


My skin looking radiant after applying the sunblock!


It is very matte looking after applying on my face and the pores are much more refined too.
However the application is not very smooth on my skin.
But I’m a satisfied user of this product!


For such wonderful products specially created for us, you can be an urbanista too!

Here’s a facebook contest for you to participate!

Simply post a full body shot of yourself wearing something fashionable to show that you are a modern woman!

Write a description of why are you an urbanista and get your friends and family to vote for you!
The top 5 with the most number of “likes” will win this contest!

Click here to join the contest now! 🙂


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