I feel good!

Finally submitted my work this afternoon!

I haven’t been feeling so relax for a long long long long long time! Here’s an update of what happened last weekend:

1. Daddy was very nice to lend my bf and I his car yesterday so that we could rush to Jurong Point for printing!

2. Finally there’s time to accompany my boyfriend! He’s been a really nice boyfriend during the entire 3 weeks (actually for the past 11 months), always encouraging me when I’m feeling down and stayed up with me when I’m up at 4am doing my work. I don’t know what to do without him seriously. Thank you Kai!

3. Mummy celebrated her birthday last Saturday and amidst our very busy schedules, we still went out for steamboat!

4. It’s presentation week and after this week I’d be having my holidays! YES!

5. I finally finished watching TVB’s No Regrets drama serial! It’s a damn good show, don’t miss it!

6. My tam is 16 years old and it’s snowing in Tamatown!


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