It is really that MARVEL-ous

Sponsored Review

Someone wants to steal my sponsored products away!


Last week, I received my Ginvera products from thesamplestore for review.
My doll scarlet saw Michelle Chia’s TVC on Ginvera Marvel Gel and Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away

… and she took them away because she wants to have a share of smoother and beautiful face too!

*threw a fit and snatched them back*


So if you want to have smooth skin like Michelle Chia, read on!

You’re not the only one out there with trouble maintaining a clear and beautiful face.
I have that problem too!

My skin looks dull and rough especially when I am doing my project. 😦

But I was lucky to receive these 2 products for review!


I was already an user of Ginvera Marvel Gel prior to this sponsored review!
(Anyway I wanted to share with you this awesome product but never got the time to do it.)

Here’s me before I used the product:

This was taken on 24 August 2010.
Look at the area just under my specs.

They are NOT tiny zits.
They are what milia seeds or what we normally called “Oil Seeds”.

Oil seeds are protein which are trapped in our pores. They have no opening and therefore cannot be extracted out normally.
And you know what causes my face to be like this?


My facialist even said that she can’t extract them out for me because they are too big. Ahhhhh!


So I bought Ginvera Marvel Gel to exfoliate the area around my oil seeds, in hope that it would soften the area and get them extracted out easily.

To my surprise, it really worked!
(After picture at the bottom of the entry :))

Green Tea rich in anti-oxidants!

Green Tea is a natural anti-oxidant and is known for its anti-bacterial, astringent and anti-ageing properties.

In a 2003 study conducted by Kenichi Yanagimoto, the results have shown that Green Tea blocked oxidation 100%, as compared to Oolong and black tea which Oolong blocked oxidation 50% and the latter only showed slight antioxidant activities.



Using dry fingers, squeeze an amount of product and apply it in circular motions on your dry face until you see white flakes like this:

These I assure you are not the effects of Green Tea Marvel Gel.
They are really the dead skin cells and dirt on your skin!

I tried it after I wash my face and there were no white flakes on my face the second time I tried it.


After massaging, simply wet your fingers and massage again before you rinse your face! 😀


Here’s the 10 amazing efficiencies that the product promises:

1) Helps soften the cornified layer and gently remove the dead skin barrier to instantly reveal a brighter finer complexion.

2) Effectively removes blackheads easily and painlessly in just one step

3) Regulates and helps control sebum secretion for a shine-free complexion whole day long.

4) Whitens and evens out skin tone. Effective in helping to fading pigmentation, spots and acne scars over time.

5) Refines and contracts the appearance of pores to reveal finer, smoother skin.

6) Deeply cleanses pores and helps prevent the onset of skin problems like pimples and blemishes.

7) Helps remove oil seeds

8 ) Changes dull and rough skin to a smooth complexion, allowing makeup to glide on easily and adhere better to the skin.

9) Helps stimulates skin metabolism, skin looks younger and more supple

10) Allows better and faster absorption of skincare products that is applied subsequently


The Green Tea Marvel Gel is so gentle it can be used daily to exfoliate your face!
I feel very refreshing and cooling after I use it!


Besides being a victim of oil seeds and blackheads, I’m also being plagued by ugly dark eye circles:

Cute right?
But look my eyes. Even b/w picture can’t save my life!

Yes, I have dark eye circles since I was Primary 1!


I wouldn’t say that Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away saved my eyes since I have dark eye circles since young.

But it is definitely very refreshing to use every night!

In Chinese ancient medical books, Jade has cooling properties. It helps to nourish skin, improve blood circulation, eyesight and energize the brain.
Which is why you see your parents and grandparents carrying Jade!

And now you can use Jade for massaging your eyes!

The Ginvera Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away uses the unique Jade ball as a massaging medium. With ingredients such as Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Rice Fermentation essence, Royal Jelly as well as various precious herbal extracts like Ginseng and Pomelo, what more can you ask for?

The packaging is excellent as well!


Tilt the product upwards at 45 degree angle to allow the liquid to flow. Then, massage your eye with product. Use your fingers to massage your eyes until fully absorbed!



After using the Green Tea Marvel Gel for 4 months, I really have lesser oil seeds than before! I also have fairer skin!

My eye already feels about the same as before after using it for a week, but it feels good to be using jade for massaging everyday!


Scarlet loves it too! Look at her face so smooth and round!.


Here’s your chance to test the product out now!

And a facebook contest for you!

Join the Ginvera Facebook Page here!

Good luck! 🙂

Thank you thesamplestore and Ginvera for sponsoring the products! ❤

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