Bio Essence 8-in-1 BB Cream

Sponsored Review

A few years ago,
foundation was the only product you can use to cover big pores and uneven skin tones.

The result?
Skin that looked like it’s going to crack after long hours of wearing.

But since the invention of Blemish Balm a.k.a BB Cream,
you can gladly chuck your foundation into the bin!

Because BB cream has all the quantities that foundation have…
but only better!

Some BB creams have amazing coverage
like the Bio Essence’s 8-in-1 Bio Multi Effect BB Cream.
It can replace a liquid foundation for days when you needed an extra coverage!
Plus it’s better because it contains moisturising contents, concealing, skin repair, oil control and sunscreen abilities!

There were countless people and commercials referring a pockmarked face as an “Orange”,
mainly because oranges have uneven skin that resembled our large pores.

To prove the Bio Multi Effect BB Cream’s efficiency in the pore refining aspect,
let’s try it on a orange!

I know right?
It’s super amazing!

The coverage was so strong that I didn’t have to put any concealer on my face to conceal my acne scars!
This BB cream is best on occasions such as presentation, photoshoots and birthdays!


Foundations are past trend.
Update your wardrobe to the latest BB cream by Bio Essence
because you want to look natural with makeup, not made up. 🙂

Left to Right: Bio Platinum BB Cream (Whitening), Aqua BB Cream (Moisture), Bio Mult Effects BB Cream (Coverage)


Thanks to thesamplestore and Bio Essence for this wonderful sponsorship!

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