Bio-Essence 10-in-1 BB Cream

Sponsored Review

Yesterday, I blogged about the amazing Bio Essence Multi-Effect BB Cream
that has a fantastic coverage which is able to hide acne scars and large pores.

Today I am going to introduce another BB Cream from Bio Essence’s BB Cream series!

It is the Bio-Essence’s Bio Platinum BB Cream!.

If you have heard of the very popular Bio-Essence Tanaka White Day Cream,
then don’t miss this one out!

Because this Platinum BB Cream contains Tanaka Extract!
Tanaka Day Cream is so popular because of its instant whitening benefits.
So you can not only moisturize your skin while donning on makeup, you can also whiten your skin!

Another thing that has been added to this BB Cream is PLATINUM.

Platinum are the rarest and most stable form of precious metal on Earth.
It makes your skin more radiant, and also lightens fine lines and wrinkles!


Plus it has a very light texture
which doesn’t leave your face looking like layers of cake you just ate.
Instead, it makes your face look dewy~

Let’s Analyse:

(Sorry, the brands were being mosaic-ed because this is an advertorial.)

With the use of a foundation, you need 7 steps to complete your basic makeup routine.

But with a BB Cream on hand, you only need 5 steps to complete your basic makeup routine!

Plus, you save time and loads of moolah because cosmetic products don’t come cheap.

But seriously, who likes piling up makeup over their skin?
Not me.


Here’s me.
Very uneven skin tone with acne marks
because of irregular eating habits and sleeping pattern.

Anyway I just woke up when I took this picture, so it’s not all so glamorous.
My hair is in a mess. 😛

If I were to go out looking like my “before” photo,
I would avoid a picture taken at ALL cost.
(I don’t want some ugly picture of myself ending up on Facebook!)


Skin is all fixed up and very dewy looking! You bet!
(Also can put my picture bigger in size. Ha-ha-ha!)

With the Bio Platinum BB Cream, I don’t mind snapping a few more shots!

Even my boyfriend don’t realise that I put on makeup! Yay!


Lastly, don’t forget to redeem the Bio Essence BB Cream!
*please note that the free redemption is a sachet of each BB cream


AND, a referral challenge that is open to ALL of thesamplestore’s members!

Yes, even if you are not a blogger you can still participate!
Redeem away now!

Thanks thesamplestore and Bio-Essence for this sponsorship!

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