Dress Me Masks

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Facial Masks are very important to me in keeping my face clean.
It makes my face look bright and clean after my weekly facial routine.

Therefore no amount of masks would be enough for me!
As I like to try as many different types and brands of masks as possible!

So look what I have with me!




Deng deng deng deng! Look at my sponsored items! It’s Polka Dots!
So cute right!


Dress Me is a brand solely for facial masks,
their facial mask series helps to boost your natural capabilities to good skin, tailored according
to your skin’s needs.
I know many girls out there plays dress up, so why not dress up your skin as well?
Make them beautiful!


I always believe that the first step to having good skin
is giving a moisture boost to your skin.
Besides using hydrating toner and moisturizer,
using a moisturizing mask is important as well!

Dress Me Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask helps to hydrate and allows skin to remain moisturized for a long period of time.
It also contains a substance called Trehalose
which balances and maintains the moisture level because of its high water retention capabilities.


When your skin is well hydrated, the amount of oil produced will be lesser!


The second step is to brighten your face with Dress Me’s Whitening and Brightening Mask.

Not many people likes being fair, but it’s always important to whiten your face frequently.
Our skin produced melamine and it causes our skin to be dull.

I’m a sucker for whitening!
Last year when I was serving internship, I would apply whitening masks twice a week to remove dullness on my face
(partly also because I have nothing to do).
My face instantly brightens up after my weekly facial routine!

Dress Me Whitening & Brightening Mask contains effective skin whitener, that reduces age spots and inhibits pigmentation and has skin-barrier functions.
Besides whitening, it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that whitens the skin and also reduces redness and skin sensitivity.


I like their masks!
My skin is ultra sensitive because of my recent acne breakouts and using their masks had calmed my skin a little!
My skin is now on healing stage!


You can also make your bedroom a home facial salon!
I’ve included tips and tricks on how to let the masks absorb into skin better!

There you go! It’s alright, you don’t have to thank me. 😛


Dress Me Masks can be found in both online and offline places!

Online – The Sample Store
It is retailing at 50% off  all dress me masks!
If you buy 5 masks, you get a Silky and Soothing Mask for free!
Buy 35 pieces and you get a F.O.C Delivery + Silky and Soothing Mask!

Offline – Sasa
Enjoy 20% off when you purchase 2 pieces of Dress Me Mask,
and 50% off when you buy a box (5 pieces) of Dress Me Mask!


Worth it? Very!


Click this image above to enter their facebook page!

Sponsored by thesamplestore and Dress Me ❤

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