Christmas Eve Party!

Merry Xmas!

I went to Mae’s house with my boyfriend during Christmas Eve!

Since I’m not a very religious person,
it’s my first ever Christmas party, with proper Christmas decorations, food and gifts exchange!
Look at the presents under the tree! 😀


Each of us have to bring an Christmas ornament to decorate the tree,
my boyfriend and I brought gingerbread men!
Cherie thought they were real biscuit! LOL.


It’s potluck and all of us brought food there!
Kai Lin is mad talented. She made a very yummy tiramisu cake (on the extreme left)!

I made mango pudding while my boyfriend made Taiwan sausages and Ham. (:

Zhi Ning made SUSHI! Awesome!

After we had our food we had some time to mingle around and take pik chas.

With Cherie

With Kai! 😀

I took our Christmas hat and made it into a bow! Hahahaha~

After that we had our gifts exchanged!
We played a game and I exchanged a calendar with a box of chocolates.

There was also a bonus present from the host!
We had to guess how many ornaments were there on the Christmas tree!


There were more pictures of the party with Mae but I couldn’t wait any longer so I posted all that were from my camera!

I’m sure I had fun yesterday!
Thanks Mae for hosting the party! I’m sure you’re a good planner. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all!


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