Brought to you by thesamplestore and Kotex ❤

You know what aids me in getting a good sleep when I have my periods?

Gone were the days where pads were just pain cotton.
Now pads also comes with designs to make us girls feel happy!


When I’m tearing open the package to use the pad,
I definitely feels a lot more happier because these pads are so colorful,
they lift my spirits up!


Kotex launched a contest on Facebook where you can design your own happy pad on their app!

Here’s mine:

My idea was to create a very girlish pad, since it was meant for us girls!
So there’s loads of pink and flowers!


You can design your own pad here:

Winners of the contest can either win IPAD (as in the real Apple iPad)
or shopping vouchers!

And if you vote for your favourite designs, you can also stand a chance to win shopping vouchers worth USD $150!
That’s about SGD $230!

Contest ends at 31st January 2011!
Good luck!


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