One Year Anniversary!

Happy New Year!

I hoped everyone reading this had an enjoyable New Year!
2010 just passed at a blink of an eye.
Hopefully this year would be better!

We went to Outback Restaurant on New Year’s Eve to celebrate our 1st year in advance!
It’s our second time going to Outback!

I love cosy and quiet restaurants!
I like how we can enjoy our meal quietly and chat about what’s-their-story-about. 😀

The Aussie Cheese Fries tasted a bit dry… I still prefer the ones in KFC and New York New York.

I love the sauce for the steak!
It tasted like light soy sauce in rice wine. A little salty yet strong in taste.

The steak was recommended by Kai,
he said the best steak in Outback is the Prime Minister’s Prime Rib
because it’s very tender.


For New Year (and it’s our actual 1st Anniversary as well),
we spent our day lazying at his house
and ate dinner at my house!

It’s my longest (and still continuing) relationship so far,
and I believe we still have loads of hurdles to cross together.

Love you boy!


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