Online Shopping Haul: e.l.f cosmetics

Look at what I got from e.l.f!

1. A beauty encyclopedia sparkling eye edition consisting of 12 eye shadows, 2 cream shadows, a eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner!
2. Custom eye shadows!
3. Blending Eye brush

So chio right the colours!


The colours are so highly pigmented and sparkly!
I’ve been trying to get such pigmented colours for a long time!
And the best part is that good things comes cheap (only $23.90).

As these eyeshadows are very pigmented, they are very fragile and tend to “over spill”.
A drop on the floor may also cause the whole palette to crack.


These custom eyeshadows are such an awesome steal!
They cost $1.99 and very pigmented as well!

When I swatched them on my fingers, they feel so smooth and velvety!!

What I like about the custom eye shades is that you can pick the colours that you like!
The pan of these eye shadows are already magnetized,
so you can also purchase an empty (magnetized) palette and
put these colours in, instead of buying a whole set of eyeshadow palette when you hardly uses all of the shades.

The brushes from e.l.f were so highly raved on the internet (rated 4 out of 5 on makeupalley) because they are cheap and good (only costs $5.95)
so I got myself one blending brush to try it out!

I have not try it out yet, but from first touch it felt fluffy and soft!

Though I know e.l.f is available in SaSa, I made my purchase online because they were cheaper with the ongoing promos and all.
Plus I went down to Tanah Merah to collect my purchases as I feel that deliveries would not be handled properly
(don’t really want my eye shadows to break).

I feel that the trip there was worthwhile as the person in charge was so friendly and explained carefully on how I should take care of my eyeshadows!
I don’t think you get this kind of treatment in stores.

Kai don’t usually approve of me spending my money on such things
as normally they are a waste of money (lousy quality).
But yesterday he told me the cosmetics I got was worth a buy!
You can’t go wrong with the comments of an engineer student. 😀


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