I’m a heels lover

Check out the heels I bought since Sec 3!

Despite having so many pairs of heels,
I’m still wearing my slippers.

I love high heels,
but I never wear them out because my feet often gets cut by these heels. 😦
In fact, most covered shoes always left my feet in blisters.
Therefore I only wear them during my presentations.

Sometimes I think it’s a waste,
but I can’t resist buying them!

Well say hello to my new booties!
Kai bought for me as my Christmas and our coming 1st year anniversary present!

This would be my CNY shoes!
Yes! And I’ve already done all my CNY shoppings because I think I’d not have the time to do my shopping when school starts. 😀


I fell in love this design because of the immaculate details of this pair of shoes.
Plus it’s super comfy because it’s handcrafted!


Initially I wanted to wear it for my grad shoot,
but no footwear is allowed!

We have no group shots taken together before
but I love the girls!


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