Getting your O’s

It’s the time of the year again.

Everytime when I logged on to facebook at around this time of the year, I see so many people worrying about their O Level results.
Back when I was collecting my results, I don’t feel as fearful as they would be because I just thought it was a paper. If you have the talent in some other stuffs, you will eventually get what you want.

Then I see people worrying if they can or cannot get into a JC.

And that’s where I always tell my friends – If you get 12 and below, go ahead and join the elites in JC. If you can’t, go to a polytechnic instead.
I don’t see what’s the great deal about getting into a JC, especially if you get into mediocre and lousy ones like Pioneer, Yishun (omg, worst of the lot), Innova and etc.
Sure, you can enter university after 2 years. But think about it again, how many people actually failed their A’s?

And if you are good, it doesn’t matter if you ended up in polytechnic. You will eventually get a place in university.

Having no school to go to is something you SHOULD BE worrying about.

I remembered no courses that I filled up in my JAE form accepted me.
I remembered not getting a place via JPSAE too.
I remembered going to all the polytechnics just to find some more information on which courses I can throw myself into.
I remembered going back to my Secondary School to ask my principal for help, in which he did wrote a letter of recommendation to SP.
I remembered going to the MP when the letter didn’t work out.
I remembered getting a call from DADP but I didn’t managed to get an interview.
I remembered just applying into DLA on appeal when nothing worked out.

But I still survived, with a whooping GPA score which is able to land me into any course I want in University.

So to all the Secondary School students out there,
what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
As long as you put in your effort,
there’s nothing to fear about.

Good luck! 🙂


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