Organising Makeup and Skincare Products + Hauls

My shelf is bursting with loads of products and it becomes so difficult for me to reach into certain areas sometimes!

So I decided to separate them into 2 different shelves.
Anyway CNY is coming, so it makes a good time to clear up the mess in my wardrobe.

I always spend a good time trying to decorate my shelves as this is my favorite place of all!

Isn’t this neat?
The upper shelf is where I store all my skincare and haircare products,
and the lower shelf is my new makeup station!

Skincare Station

All my toner, moisturizers, rash and acne creams are all here.
Sometimes I don’t know when I can finish them all.

Behind those stuffs are my travel pouches and stuffs that I rarely use/backup
such as sponges, chains and hooks for my accessories.

Hair products and my facial masks.
Oh and did I mention my love for Nexcare?
It doesn’t heal my acne on its own,
but my zits are healed faster with its help!

Makeup Station

My Makeup Station complete with newly bought EoB brushes stuck on wall!
It’s now far more easier for me to reach for my stuffs are they are properly placed!

Stuffs for my eyes.
The top shelf is for my eye shadows and falsies
and the bottom shelf is for my mascaras and eyeliners.

Just realized I have a lot of mascaras and eyeliners!
My favorite mascara is the one in brown followed by YSL mascara in gold!

For my lips.
I’m very fond of nude lippies and lip balms!

All 3 colours are light.
The MAC one (left) is in a very pale shade called “Peach Stock”,
the middle one is nude colour from O2 Skin
and the one on the most right is from Silkygirl called “Pretty nude”.
It’s a little close to coral colour.

The container next to the lipsticks are for miscellaneous stuffs
like sharpeners, eyelash glue and eyelid tapes.

All my BB Creams, foundation, powders are all here!

The left is for misc stuffs such as concealer, lip gloss and bronzer.
The middle is for my Skin 79 BB Sun Pact and Loreal Foundation.
The next section is for my BB creams and
the far right is for my loose powder which I hardly use now.

My Brush Holder
Honestly I don’t have much brushes because I always misplaced them
and found them in some dirt areas.
So most of them were chucked into the bin.

Anyway many people were doing this “Sephora inspired” brush holder
so I thought it was useful and I did the same!

This brush holder is for all my brushes,
and some other stuffs like razor and eyelash curler (mad love the curler!).

It’s not too difficult to try and source for all these containers because
they were all found in Daiso!
I spent around 10 bucks (nia!) for all these useful containers!

You might have realized that I don’t own any blushers.
That’s because my skin is very sensitive and so
I don’t like putting on blushers.
They often make my skin worse! 😦


I finally got my hands on these goodies!
My first ever brush set purchased online from Magicaltannsu
and my first eyeshadow primer!

Firstly I want to say that Magicaltannsu has awesome services I swear!
She even threw in a free eyeshadow brush for me!

Essence of Brushes (EoB) is a dual ended brush set that has
1. Blending, Concealing, Eyeshadow
2. Foundation, Powder, Blush
in 3 brushes!

They are so soft to touch and I love it!

Anyway if you watched Youtube Makeup Guru Michelle Phan,
you will realize that this is her favorite brush set. 🙂

This is a mineral eyeshadow primer!
A primer preps our skin and prevents eyeshadow from sliding.
Anyway, I bought this from MT instead of e.l.f because MT sells it cheaper.

It is often compared to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on Makeup Alley!


That’s about all!


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