Dr. Jart BB Cream Review

Sponsored Review

Remember the sponsored goodies from Confirm Trading?
That’s right today I’m going to review Dr. Jart’s Premium Blemish Base.

Honestly speaking, I took a long while before deciding to post up this review.
Because something happened to my face after using this product.
But today I’m going to be totally objective about it so it won’t be a biased review.

I know many girls have this problem of looking for a BB cream that suits their skin, that includes me!
Some BB creams are so thick and unnatural,
while some turns into a weird shade on their faces because of your skin undertones.

If you have yellow undertones in your skin,
you might wanna try this out!

From the swatch, the BB cream is thick and creamy.
However I would say that the coverage is very thin.

I used it during Christmas Eve where I went to Mae’s house for potluck!
It doesn’t conceal the redness on my cheeks as seen in the picture above.

The good thing about Dr Jart’s Premium Blemish Base is that
it offers SPF 45/PA +++ and so it act as a sunscreen!

SPF 45/PA +++ makes an excellent choice for sunscreen on your face.
Using a BB cream that has sunscreen factor can help prevent from developing premature wrinkles!

However, due to the extremely sensitive skin of mine
I developed zits on my face the day after I used it.
It could be because it contains some ingredients that made my skin break out.

Anyway, my sister used this product too but
she has not developed any zits or rashes.
So it could me me only! 🙂

If you would like to try out this product,
you can get it from Watsons for 59 bucks!

That’s all. Hope this review was helpful to you!


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