Great alternative to namecards

I was preparing for my grad show and wanted to look for creative name cards.
There were name cards that looked funky, weird, whatever.
But the problem is


I’m not going to waste money on printing 200 pieces of odd shaped looking cards,
even if it’s going to be creative.

I’m not intending to print 200 pieces of normal looking cards either.
What if nobody picks up the cards during the exhibition?
Then 我不是亏本?

Suddenly an idea struck me.

What if I create my own post it note as a substitution for name cards?
Then I started looking for tuts and videos on how to make my own sticky note.
However I failed la.
It’s so difficult to source for the materials!
I called up Art Friend and they don’t sell re-positionable glue stick.

Then there comes another great idea.

I shall print on post it notes.

And there it is!

I’m not that genius enough to figure out how to print on post it notes.
I referred to this.

I love this idea because it’s so ME.
I always use post it notes because they are great to jot down notes!
People can stick it wherever they want!

So since I have abundance of them lying around my desk,
this post-it name card is free!

All I need was:
Post-it Notes
Printer (B/W will do)


是不是很有创意? 😀


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