Call me lazy

because I finally went for a quick jog after 3 years!

I have not run ever since I graduated from secondary school.
Ok la. Maybe when chasing the bus.

And the reason why I went running was because I got a brand new pair of sports shoes.
It’s too white and I don’t really like white shoes.

When I was jogging, I kept telling myself,
“Ok la. This is the last time I’m running. My abdomen area hurts so much I not going to torture myself anymore.”

But it feels good to sweat once in awhile especially I not the kind that sweats a lot.
(Except that my face is so sensitive that I feel my face is burning when I sweat)

But the aftermath is horrid.
I was so dizzy, a little deaf and my cheek muscles cramped.
And after a bath I went to sleep. Hahahahaha!

Maybe I’ll include jogging as one of the things to do when I’m bored.


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