As fair as Snow White

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Lips red as the rose,
Hair black as ebony,

Skin white as snow.

Sounds familiar?

Yes it’s Snow White!

So what is the difference between
Snow White and the queen besides one is kind and the latter is evil?

The difference lies in their skin.
We all know that Snow White is famous for her fair and beautiful skin,
and the Queen? Well you’ve already seen it yourself.
(Even blusher can’t save herself)

But not only Snow White can have fair skin,
you can have it too!

Recently I was given a chance to try out whitening products from CUSkin.

The texture of Pure Whitening Cream by CUSkin is a little greasy but easy to glide on my skin.
After applying, I don’t really feel much difference.

However the Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream is different.

I like how it looked on my skin!
It has a pink undertone and made my skin look radiant!
Plus the BB cream has a little sheen when you applied on your face,
making you look dewy and healthy!


I have fair skin but it’s a little bit on the yellowish side.


My skin tone is being corrected and I have dewy looking skin!


Now you can have beautiful skin like me and Snow White!

Visit CUSkin’s Facebook Page here!



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